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Barry Beach Marine Terminal

Barry Beach Marine Terminal

The Barry Beach Marine Terminal is the main supply depot for our Bass Strait oil and gas operations.

Each year it facilitates the warehousing and transport of thousands of tonnes of food, supplies, fuel and equipment to 23 offshore platforms and installations that serve as bases for drilling, oil and gas production and processing.

Normally operating five days a week, the Marine Terminal is also a critical lifeline for the 300 personnel and contractors who live and work on the offshore platforms. Located near Port Welshpool in South Gippsland, Barry Beach Marine Terminal is 240 km south east of Melbourne.

The 400-metre Barry Beach wharf accommodates a 110-tonne pedestal crane to lift the cargo to and from supply vessels. These contracted vessels are based at Barry Beach Marine Terminal and operate up to 24 hours a day to service 23 offshore platforms and installations. The vessels are able to operate close to the offshore platforms and move between platforms loading and unloading cargo, even in the stormy conditions of Bass Strait, with the aid of specialised navigational equipment and propulsion systems.

Around half of their cargo is the bulk product essential for drilling and oil and gas production: diesel, water, glycol, barites and cement. These are carried in below-deck tanks. The balance of their cargo is food, machinery and general cargo needed to support and maintain the offshore personnel, platforms and installations. This cargo is generally transported on-deck packed in specially designed containers.

Every year, around 70,000 tonnes of cargo is shipped to the Bass Strait platforms from Barry Beach.

Esso has awarded a contract to Qube Energy, a part of Qube Holdings, to operate Barry Beach Marine Terminal on its behalf. Qube commenced operations in November 2017.