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Water conservation

Water conservation

Water use is essential to the production and processing of crude oil. We have mature water management practices and seek continuous improvement opportunities across all our facilities.

Oil and gas wells in Bass Strait produce water, most of which is discharged at sea once the oil and gas has been removed. Some of this produced formation water continues through the production stream and ends up at our Long Island Point (LIP) Plant near Hastings, south of Melbourne.

We commissioned ecological consultants to conduct a detailed study of the sensitive Western Port environment in relation to the water treatment facility at Long Island Point. Data was from 2011-2012 to monitor the ongoing impact of the treated water discharged into the bay. The study has shown no significant detrimental impacts to the surrounding environment. In 2017-2018, we conducted further ecological monitoring and measurements to extend the dataset of the study. The results have confirmed our previous conclusion that there is no detrimental impact to the bay from LIP water discharges.

At the Longford Gas Plant, stormwater is collected and reused to control smoke from our low pressure ground flares, which reduces bore water usage. In addition, there are strict testing regimes for water discharged from the site, and operations personnel on shift conduct visual checks of water discharges regularly.